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All items are my original designs and handmade individually.
1. Moose with elves, This piece is about 8" tall. It is crafted of wood and paper clay. Two elves are decorating his antlers with greenery and glass ornaments. The 5" wood base is covered in vintage style mica. $60SOLD OUT

2. Snowman with Birdhouse, this piece is about 8 1/2" tall. Snowman has a vintage style birdhouse on his head with a bluebird on top. He is also holding a bluebird and has a wreath of greenery around his head. $55 SOLD OUT

3. Snowman holding Rabbit. This piece stands about 10" tall to the top of his tri coned hat, not including wires. His suit is painted in blues with metallic silver dots, and is trimmed in silver chenille. $55 SOLD OUT

4. Snowman holding Gnome. This piece stands about 8 1/2" tall. This guy has a felt ruffle collar trimmed in glitter, a felt hat trimmed in chenille and is holding a felt, string and bead gnome. His wooden base is covered in mica $55 SOLD OUT

5. Blue Angel. She stands about 9 1/2" tall. She has metallic silver wings and shoes. Her dress in painted a dark blue lightening as it goes up, with cream polka dots. She is holding a felt doll. SOLD OUT $60p>

6. White Angel. This piece stands about 13 1/2" tall. She is wearing a hand embroidered and sequined skirt, has silver lame wings and silver glitter shoes. She is holding a white tinsel wreath with a silver sparkling bell. SOLD OUT

7. Santa Holding Angel. He is about 9" high. He is crafted of wood and paper clay. He is holding an angel with a wooden bell skirt and scarlet glitter shoes. $70 SOLD OUT

8. Nautical Santa pulling Boat filled with Dogs. This piece is about 8" high, it's base is 3" x 6 1/2" long. It is made of wood and paper clay. The dogs are being pulled in a wheeled boat with a fabric flag. $70 SOLD OUT

9. Santa Holding Paper Lanterns. This piece is 9 1/2" to the top of his hat, 11" to top of lanterns. He is holding three pastel lanterns (made of wood), the lanterns have tassels. Santa has wood jointed arms. $70 SOLD OUT

10. Santa with a Trio of Elves in his Pocket. This piece stands about 11" tall to the top of his red hat not including the stars.. He has red overalls and a cream shirt with red polka dots. His pockets hold three elves, one holding a star that matches the three stars on his hat. $70 SOLD OUT

11. Santa on Moon. This piece stands about 11" tall. Santa with a blue coat is lounging on the moon. He is holding a gold metallic star. He has red bells and gold beads on his tri coned hat. His boots are trimmed in cream chenille. $75 SOLD OUT

12. Santa in White Coat . This piece stands about 14" tall. He has a red fleece union suit under a white linen coat, hand embroidered with holiday greenery. The coat is trimmed in white faux fur. His hair and beard are made of wool roving. He holds a painted sled, bells, a bear and a bottle brush tree. His belt is leather with bells. $85 SOLD OUT

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