Halloween 2020, shipping is included in the price.

1. Pumpkin head with Goblin, He stands 11" high, on a wooden base. He has a wooden beads, pom poms and a goblin on his head, and is wearing a green suit with pumpkin cut outs. He has a black tinsel ruffle. He is sculpted of paper clay with a matte finish. SOLD OUT $65

2. Witch in Boat, about 9 1/2" tall. Witch with black dress and hat, in a polka dot wooden boat, flag with a black cat and holding two wooden pumpkins This piece has a matte finish. SOLD OUT $60

3. LOOK AT ME pumpkin head, stands about 9" tall. Pumpkin head bent over looking through his legs. He is made of paper clay, wire wood and cotton polka dot fabric. He has a matte finish. SOLD OUT$65

4. Witch With Cat in Hat, stands about 13" tall. Green witch with polka dots, she is holding her hat, made of cotton fabric with a black cat inside. She also has a cat on her head. She stands on a wood base lettered with "A HAPPY HALLOWEEN". She has a matte finish. SOLD OUT $65

5. Witch in Moon with Goblins, stands about 12" tall. She has a wood base and body. Her hat, head, and boots are sculpted of paper clay. Her purple dress is decorated with gold dots as is her hat. The wooden metallic gold moon has one goblin balancing on the end and another hanging from it. She has a matte finish. SOLD OUT$65

6. Moon with Witch. This piece is about 10" tall. The base is made of wood, the moon of paper mache, and the witch of wood, net, wire, and paper clay. The witch sports a red dress, black net skirt and polka dot unders. The moon has a tinsel base. The base is painted with "At twelve o'clock on Halloween many strange things can be seen". This piece is sculpted from paper clay with a matte finish. SOLD OUT$65

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