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All items are my original designs and handmade individually.
1. Snowman holding Elf's hand, This piece is about 9" tall, to top of bells. It is crafted of wood and paper clay. Snowman has a red polka dot hat with bells, SOLD OUT $60

2. Green Snowman, this piece is about 9" tall. Snowman is holding a red striped stick with red elf and da string of lights. His hat is decorated with bells and beads. SOLD OUT $60

3. Angel. This piece stands about 9.5" tall. She is made of wood and paper clay. She is holding a wreath decorated with gold stars, a moon, and gold ribbon. She has wooden wings.SOLD OUT $65

4. Santa and Elf Carrying Tree. This piece stands about 9 1/2" tall. Santas red coat is covered in white stars. Their tree is glittering with mica. $75

5. Santa Holding Angel. This piece is about 10.5" tall. Santa has a dark blue coat decorated inn a garland of red white and gold. The angel halo and the ball on the end of his hat are gold tinsel. SOLD OUT $75

6. Santa with Dog. This piece stands about 9" tall. He is made of wood and paper clay. His coat has a gold center and is decorated in a red and green garland. He has a happy golden dog on his should and is holding a green tree. SOLD OUT$75

7. Santa holding Sled with Elf. He is about 10" high. He is shaped wood and sculpted with paper clay. He is holding a wood and metal sled with a green elf hanging on. He has a garland of greenery around his hood. $80 SOLD OUT

8. Santa holding Canoe. This piece is about 11" tall. He has a red coat with and a round red hat. He is made from wood and paper clay. His canoe is made of wood with a brown bear riding along. The bear has a bird on his foot and is holding 2 wooden fish.SOLD OUT $100

9. Red, White and Blue Santa. This piece is 11" to the top of his hat. He is made from wood and paper clay. He is holding, three bells and a glittery red star. He has a big belly covered with stripey pants. His hat is decorated with blown glass beads from the Czech Republic.$75 SOLD OUT

10. Santa with Stick Horse. This piece stands about 8.5" tall. He is sculpted of wood and paper clay. He is holding a stick horse and a string of bells, the elf not to be out done is also holding a bell AND hanging upside down.SOLD OUT $75

11. Snowy Santa. This piece stands about 12" tall. His base is painted with distant hills. His blue coat is painted with snowy evergreen trees and a snow filled blue sky. He sports a gold crown hat with a gold bell. He is holding a snowy evergreen tree. SOLD OUT$90

12. Angel with Rabbit . This piece stands about 9" tall. The angel is wearing a red dress decorated with gold and white, has embossed dresden foil wings, and a garland halo. The rabbit also has a garland holly halo and is holding a holly wreath. SOLD OUT $85

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